1. Liz Ryan offers great advice on how to circumvent the normal, slow process most job seekers go through. I recommend starting with her writing about ‘Pain Letters!’ You will thank me. Take a look.
  2. Eyyo, yours truly writes from time to time! Go behind the scenes of how an average hiring team works, reverse engineer your resume, and more.
  3. Great threads that offer a mixed dialog about being new to programming, being a female in the field, and almost everything else you can think of with Quora.


  1. IEEE Women in Engineering. IEEE is a globally recognized organization, and this is their portal for women in the field to access a mix of resources.
  2. The Society of Women Engineers, check it out.
  3. Engineer Girl. Particularly geared to ladies on the cusp of either their technical education or career.
  4. Girl Develop It. These often have local chapters that do coding network events that you can link up with using a site like Meetup. 
  5. Women Who Code, sort of self explanatory!


  1. is a resource I’ve used time and again. It can help you create a super-modern eye catching resume, or in lieu of paid tools like Adobe Creative Suite help you make graphics, logos, and whatever else you may need!
  2. Power To Fly. I don’t speak officially on their behalf, but this is a startup whose entire purpose is to help market female technical professionals and obtain for them good paying tech jobs. They have a nice shiny list of Fortune 500 clients that hire these individuals, and also advocate for remote work that makes work more accessible for parents.
  3. Check out the SBA for minority owned businesses. In the DoD world, where my career started, you can get a serious competitive advantage by registering as an 8(a) Small Business. These are a case study in diversity in and of themselves. I have personally worked with two Woman Owned 8(a) businesses, as well as one owned by the Navajo Nation. Finding women owned businesses can be a great long term way to build connections with female entrepreneurs. Since a lot of what these companies provide to the government is IT Services,  they get a bevy of technical roles.