Adventures Lately


  • As semi-seriously referred to ‘Git girl’, I am still working on preparing folks at my work for moving off of Version-Control-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. My work can be somewhat change resistant, so I am trying to entice them with things like the rerere Easter Egg
  • Work as of late has been SQL, SQL, SQL. We recently cloned an app from our secure servers back out into the wild, which meant migrating chunks of the db back out
  • We’re going to be beta testing the free Continuous Integration feature of GitLab for this crazy project we run where a master laptop acts as basically a central wireless access point for a buncha lil Chromebooks to run one of our applications.


I’ve decided that my next official Joy Kaufman Programming Adventure will be Python. How did I land at this decision?

  • I have reached the consensus that as far as not getting to work with Ruby for a living, Python is like the methadone to wean me off of it
  • It has a great outlook, and I am interested in deep diving something with a good shelf life
  • I consider it equally syntactically beautiful to Ruby, perhaps even more so except for whitespace quirks

I like to start off, as silly as it sounds, with CodeAcademy. I feel like it sounds laughable that I’m a professional programmer and that is where I still go, but it has its advantages. I mean, I work really hard and I’m in school, so sometimes in free time code learning I like to start on stuff I can do while only half paying attention.

I also tend to much better learn interactively than say, through videos. I know many programmers who YouTube is their jam, but I really like to get hands on.

At this point, I’ve dabbled in enough languages that I pretty much have my workflow. Find an interactive tutorial. Pick a baby project => Pick a less baby project => Start using in the wild.

3.0 BETA

In redoing my portfolio for the 500th zillion time, found out that for some of my Heroku apps you can now do automatic pushes to Heroku from any time you commit to master instead of the oldschool CLI way.

I’m always a bit suspicious when technology takes over things I used to do previously…but so far so good!


Hacktoberfest is officially on. Hackathons have the most gorgeous sites. Another beauty here.…although truth be told, their design last year was even better.


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